A world that over 10 years ago swept us off our feet.

We have always been passionate about  both cheese and wine; so when we found out that there was a chance of having the two in the same bite, we took it as a mission to make sure the all world knew about this delicacy and it's fascinating story.

What better place to start, if not Borough Market?

After years travelling around Italy to source the best and most unique Drunk Cheeses our selection has grown along with the Ubriaco popularity.

Hope you'll enjoy our products as much as we do!

Almost forgot... here's the story of how the Ubriaco came about in Italy: Provenience Veneto/Friuli 

"Around the end of the first world war the retreating troops would loot the villages for food and more. One man, who's history doesn't recall the name, was determined on one thing only: they could snatch anything but his precious cheese! So he started hiding the wheels of cheese in barrels filled with wine mark." 
This is our favourite interpretation of how this cheese came about, but there is no certainty of it. In fact, some other people says that it was common practice at the beginning of the 20th century to use the wine mark instead of olive oil to rub the cheeses as oil was too expensive.

Max & Pam.


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