1. On the “Cheeses” page, under a cheese click “Add to cart” to add a cheese to your cart. Optional: Select quantity by clicking the drop down arrow next to “Add to cart”.
  2. When you are finished browsing and selecting cheeses please click on “Proceed to checkout”  or “Checkout” on the right vertical menu.
  3. On the checkout page login, register or proceed as a guest. 
  4. Enter your delivery address.
  5. Select shipping option (Free Deliveries on orders over £50 to London customers).
  6. Please read and accept the terms and conditions.
  7. Click "Finish'.
  8. Once redirected to PayPal sign in or complete the transaction as a guest. 
  9. Select payment option.
  10. Confirm payment.
  11. You view your order status from the "Orders" page. 

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